Holistic approach of the purchase-2-pay process

Procurement is one of the critical success factors to ensure the competitiveness of an enterprises. Its direct influence on spending and cost structures enables the significant contribution to the efficiency of the company. Even more important is the establishment of a transparent procurement organization supporting the consistent pursuit of business objectives on the one hand and the flexibility to respond to external influences on the other.

Competitive advantage through customized sourcing

Our 4C-sourcing approach to the establishment of a customized purchase-2-pay process begins with the analysis of the current situation and its comparison with best-practice approaches. Based on the results, appropriate purchasing organization and processes are designed so that an optimal, timely and economically competitive procurement of all requirements can be guaranteed. The description and measurability of services and goals to specific requirements will ensure that your procurement is transparently controllable, realizes its potentials and thereby becomes a real competitive advantage.

Mastering the anchorage of a successful procurement with us

As a result, the anchoring of a holistic procurement is achieved by providing clear responsibilities and performance processes in a lean organization. In addition, synergies and profit potential is realized by bundling effects in category management and strict supplier management. Procurement success is achieved with a receiver group and results-oriented reporting and consistent control.

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