The first test for strategy

An essential component of any efficient corporate management is planning. It translates strategic goals into operational ones within a realistic and jointly supported environment. Conclusive planning concepts are strongly oriented towards the business model and focus on modifiable and organizationally anchored performance indicators. Only this enable the fast focusing of management on issues and risks with real decision needs and, thus, makes a significant contribution to quality improvement in corporate governance.

Lack of efficiency is the greatest challenge

Complex processes, low automation and a high level of detail lead to large expenditure of time and a high intensity of resources when generating the planning. Inconsistencies with the business model or lack of flexibility discourage management and stakeholders acceptance. It requires extensive experience and expertise in designing and developing company and group-wide concepts on planning to link them with group controlling as well as with performance measurement, e.g. in incentive systems, so that these increases the explanatory power of plan-actual-deviation significantly on all relevant levels.

Automation and a lean method is the key

We develop, together with the stakeholders, a robust target image for future planning framework that meets the needs of your company. We have an eye for complexity drivers as well as the deep understanding of detailing and quality of planning information. The selection of instruments or existing software solutions provides the basis for an effective implementation - but it is always at the end, not at the beginning. We are prepared to support such projects simultaneously at all company locations efficiently.


Contract persons for planning


Stephan Grunwald
Master of Economics and Business Administration
Senior Partner

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Markus Noçon
Master of Engineering and Business Administration
Senior Partner

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Effektive Planungskonzepte richten sich konsequent am Geschäftsmodell aus

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Performance Management

Der Weg vom Controlling zur Unternehmenssteuerung - Grundlagen schaffen für ein effektives Performance Management

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Top-Management Reporting
Fokussierung der Unternehmenssteuerung auf wirkliche Key-Performance-Indikatoren

Leistungsfähige Steuerungskonzepte sind die Voraussetzung für effektive Management Cockpits

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Effektives Beteiligungscontrolling sichert Effizienzgewinne in der Konzernsteuerung

Erfolgsfaktoren zur Implementierung einer erfolgreichen Konzernsteuerung

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