Organization development

The race for the customer-focused best-performance-organization

There are many triggers, forcing companies to profound changes or transformations. Strategic repositioning, restructuring, post-merger integrations, or productivity programs are representatives for it. The ability to adapt and change every institution constantly has grown to the major and vital success factor. As a winner in this race organizations will emerge, which are able to unconditionally align their structures with their customers at best and thereby motivate their employees to deliver best performances.

Change is a marathon - a long breath and a clear vision are essential

We believe that sustainable transformation of organizations requires all a lot of experience, assertiveness and intuition. The change is complex since it often impacts several factors simultaneously: strategy, leadership, culture, environment, structure, staff, and increasingly also to the value systems. We can assist in various areas, however, we are convinced that credible change has to be exemplified and driven by the management of the organization itself. We ensure that, for example, with our 4C Project Governance approach, such programs are adequately controlled and driven. Beyond that, we help in sharpening the management tools and the operationalization of the strategy.

Change is a balancing act between strategy and identity

In our experience, all major changes affect the company's identity. Change programs can only succeed if they do not bring the company's identity out of balance or if accompanying measures have an impact on identity-forming factors, so that they are able to develop or stabilize them gradually. Identifying these factors and to manage them adequately ensures the success of business-critical change processes regarding often complex stakeholder structures.

Contact persons for organization development


Hans-Martin Schneider
Master of Business Administration
Senior Partner

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Dr. Heiko Mauterer
Master of Engineering and Business Administration
Senior Partner

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Project Governance
Den Veränderungsmarathon erfolgreich bestreiten

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