Modernization of IT platforms

Achieving more and more value with fewer resources - the pressure on IT is growing

In many companies a large part of business processes still takes place on comparatively outdated application platforms, which is developed into a major obstacle to the cross-efficiency of the operational corporate world. The main challenge for the responsible COO / CIO usually consists in generating more value from the existing settlement platforms in manageable steps and with affordable portfolio effects but simultaneously making a significant contribution to further development in the direction of the adopted IT strategy.

However, IT will be measured more often by how well and especially how cost-effective applications support the processes and increase the bottom line. We assist organizations in avoiding unnecessary operating costs, optimizing expenditures consistently and focusing the capacity of IT staff on value-added activities. Our specialists will assist you in all matters relating to portfolio strategy, updating, renewal, consolidation and the closure of applications as well as the restructuring of the application landscape.

The big question: renew, replace, consolidate, detachment, or develop yourself?

Our specialists will analyze together with those responsible the existing application landscape and incorporate all aspects of cost causation but also external conditions - by the way, without conflicts of interest due to parallel operated business in outsourcing. Often ut energes a meaningful restructuring and delimitation of portions that allow a comparative and aligned to standard applications as well a strategic priorization.

The so-called one-stop-shopping has not always proved to be purposeful in this context. We will help you to find the most appropriate suppliers for your business and - if you wish - support you in managing them. You will receive a valid roadmap with reliable business case for the implementation of your modernization strategy.

The result: more value and avoidance of sunk costs

Ad hoc means for our customers more value from existing applications with reduced costs and lower risk at the same time. Above all, it means focusing resources on real business-critical processes and a genuine exit strategy for outdated platforms, which finds its preparation in the roadmap already.

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Uwe Dorst
Master of Engineering and Business Administration

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