IT strategy

From cost to success factor

Information technology has undoubtedly developed from a corporate service function to a key competitive manufacturing and customer satisfaction factor. IT has found its way into almost all products and business-critical processes. Considering it as a mere cost factor, can lead to decisive competitive disadvantage. To alter the course it requires not only courage, experience in cross-border situations but also extreme perseverance because much of it is "grown" and cannot be changed in the short term - not even with many resources or money.

Do not avoid every obstacle

The formulation and detailing of an appropriate IT strategy derived from the needs of the business is the first obstacle. Not everything that was a paradigm in the past can be updated easily. Which IT supported processes are really crucial for the competitiveness and often require customized solutions? Where does the IT have to abandon elaborate applications? Where does IT have to scale back its influence in favor of standardized solutions?

However, the real challenge lies in the gradual implementation that requires due to their time and often money dimension, a very effective management and above all perseverance among decision-makers and users. Here are also paradigms to soften: How will future operator models look like? How should the product life cycle look like to satisfy growing demands on competence assurance and competence-building? How can business-critical data and information be secured in best possible way?

In this case, the goal itself is as important as the success

In this challenging rally, we support our customers with distinctive expertise for the needs of the business and service functions. Thus, we bridge the gap between these two worlds with a proven approach and pragmatic result structures. We moderate the process without dominating it. We are independent in mind and interests of potential market participants. With our experience, we estimate the realistic performance to set ambitious but feasible milestones.

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Joerg Bassen
Master of Engineering and Business Administration
Senior Partner

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IT Steuerung
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