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The industrialization of IT services is currently the biggest challenge IT service providers. And it is  the IT services industry particular which is expected to be the most innovative and efficient. Therefore, topics such as the definition of IT services in terms of standardization and modularization, a consistent concentration on quality and continuous service improvement are in focus.

Other technical challenges or changing conditions in terms of compliance requirements lead IT service providers to change their target operating models. Old structures and mechanism can not be change and improved with simple means, therefore they must be designed from scratch.

Looking back, we possess long-lasting and successful project experiences in the IT services industry. In close collaboration with our customers we create the necessary space and flexibility for your core topics and assist you with our exceptional expertise.

Current and future challenges of IT service provider

Our services for IT service provider

Strategy / Governance / Controlling

_IT strategy

_Impact of new business requirements

_Application landscape architecture

_IT governance

_Controlling, reporting and cost management

_Cost allocation


_Recapitalization and cost reduction programs



_Lean supplier portfolio

_Sourcing governance

_Operational monitoring of procurement

_Monitoring of outsourcing / outtasking

_Management of tender offers

_Software selection / implementation


Service management

_Demand management and sales process

_Innovation processes and innovation-to-service

_Product management / product development

_Service catalog

_Project portfolio management

_Order management

_SLA management

_Vendor management

_Organization service management unit


Application development

_Application architecture

_Efficiency programs

_Control instruments / control processes

_Management of large-scale projects

_Professional project management


IT operations / operations

_Target Operating Model

_Management- / support- and business organization

_Industrialization of business processes

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