Group accounting

Volatility of the markets let requirements grow disproportionately

The ever-increasing demands of international capital markets and the increased volatility in procurement and sales markets put a lot of pressure and major challenges on the management of globally operating companies especially with regard to the prognosis capabilities and responsiveness as well as from the perspective of risk management. This refers not only to the actual accounting and consolidation, but also to the derived disciplines of investment management, planning and reporting. Because the risks of misstatement and ensuring compliance with all legal requirements in the consolidated financial statement are faced with at least as high demands of early identification of risks arising from the operating business and its future impact in the company's reports, as well as a professional and at the same time cost-efficient capital market presence.

Performance tuning for your group controlling

As in the traditional production areas of a company we focus our expertise on adding value in the consolidated financial control processes. The ranges from focusing on the real success drivers in business planning and reporting, creating clear structures between the holding and operating companies to the efficient integration of the group consolidation and investment control in a unified system structure. This leads to a substancial acceleration and increased validity of group controlling, individually adapted to the respective requirements of our customers.

Creating competitive advantages through a consistent control model and rapid information flows

Each controlling model is only as good as the effectiveness of measures and decision that can be derived from it. The focus on few selected success factors within the entire company portfolio, reflected in addition to the reporting and in the incentive systems, as well as the unconditional integration of the internal and external point of view, can have an impact on the effect and the momentum of control interventions. Creating a decisive competitive advantage in a time of high volatile markets. And it not only increases the acceptance of many far from the market respected areas, but brings them right on par with the decision-makers in the operating business units.

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Markus Noçon
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Performance Management

Der Weg vom Controlling zur Unternehmenssteuerung - Grundlagen schaffen für ein effektives Performance Management

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Top-Management Reporting
Fokussierung der Unternehmenssteuerung auf wirkliche Key-Performance-Indikatoren

Leistungsfähige Steuerungskonzepte sind die Voraussetzung für effektive Management Cockpits

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Effektives Beteiligungscontrolling sichert Effizienzgewinne in der Konzernsteuerung

Erfolgsfaktoren zur Implementierung einer erfolgreichen Konzernsteuerung

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