Financial Services

The financial and economic crisis of recent years has led to significant changes in the financial industry with far-reaching consequences especially for banks and insurance companies. In particular, regulatory and legal requirements (Basel III, minimum requirements for lending, stress testing, etc.) and their implementations provide the industry with enormous challenges.

In addition, customer needs have changed and let financial service providers face additional challenges. On one hand, the need for mobility as well as the desire for holistic consulting - anytime and anywhere - increases. On the other hand, the NSA scandal and the banking crisis unsettled customers so that their confidence and sense of security must be regained as well as satisfied. Our customers trust in our exceptionally broad and deep expertise. We are a valued partner, especially for large, complex and change projects.

Current and future challenges of financial service providers

Our services in the financial services industry

Sales / Acquisition / Product development

_Market entrance strategy

_Distribution network strategy / optimization

_Store expansion / analysis

_Customer service and sales processes

_Sales management

_Change management in the Front Office


Back Office / Processing (Existence / Performance)

_Processing und production controlling Back Office

_Organizational structure at Back Office

_Standardization / automation Back Office

_Project Governance

_Optimization securities litigation

_Special topics (SEPA, Riester-, transactions)


Information technology (R&D / Operations)

_IT strategy

_Project governance critical processes

_Strategies for future Back Office platforms

_Project portfolio management

_Optimization development / IT operations

_IT governance

_IT controlling


Corporate Services

_Integrated reporting

_Planning and forecasting

_(Group-) consolidation

_Improvement in results

_Financial organization

_Closing processes


Accounting / Risk management

_Realization of legal requirements

_Optimization and stabilization of management processes

_Managing new corporate management processes

_Risk management / internal reporting

_Compliance, money laundering, embargo


Non-Core Services / Outsourcing


_Optimization of service providers


_Outsourcing non-core services

Your contact for the financial services industry

Hans-Martin Schneider
Master of Business Administration
Senior Partner

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Dr. Heiko Mauterer
Master of Engineering and Business Administration
Senior Partner

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