Cost management

The supreme discipline not only in times of crisis

When initiated in times of high temporal and economic pressure to succeed cost reduction programs are still often confused in practice with a cost management firmly anchored in the corporate management. But this is precisely the criterion for sustainable success of cost reduction programs, which are in practice often setup too late or without specific reference to the value of the company and therefore regularly end with a boomerang effect: forced savings postulated under high pressure come back as disproportionate cost increases in later periods.

Increasing pressure on profitability, productivity and above all cost efficiency, have grown continuous cost management as yet another management discipline to an additional central component of management control - not only in times of crisis.

Align stringent management of potential costs on the value added process

Basis of the 4C cost management approach is a management model aligned with the entire value chain that consolidates all information and aligns it with the results-oriented management of the cost potential within the company. The consistent analysis, evaluation and tracking of identified potential right up to the proven effect on the income statement is greatly facilitated by a specially designed instrumed geared to decision-makers. This contributes significantly to the creation of transparency and a uniform systematics in the action tracking.

Our expertise in control logics and methods for cost and process optimization does not only accelerates the generation of idea but also the implementation. Often such programs lead to a deeper understanding of the costs formation, for example, through the identification of cost drivers and the influence of management decisions. In any case, we ensure the transfer of the results into a control process including a regular update of the control logic.

From sprint to marathon

We do not need to philosophize about the electrifying or paralyzing effect of the enterprise-wide announcement of "savings programs". A reasonalbe cost management, however, is a well-run control process which is embedded in the tasks and competences of a line organization. In good times it demonstrates cause-and-effect relationships transparently. Nothing is more tiring for an organization than to lead discussions about costs without the associated performance component. Then the discussion on cost potential will be held objectively when in the meantime the implementation will be in focus inevitably. This way a company can ensure the sustainable and effective reduction at the cost base.


Contact persons for cost management


Stephan Grunwald
Master of Economics and Business Administration
Senior Partner

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Dr. Heiko Mauterer
Master of Engineering and Business Administration
Senior Partner

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Kostenmanagement - Mehr als nur Kostensenkung

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