Corporate strategy

The central executive function of top management

A mature corporate strategy is as central to the future of a company as it can only be formulated and communicated by those who lead the company. We understand it as a central executive function and the origin of any controlling decision - regardless of the level. The wording must be straight to the point and clearly defined. Strategies give employees direction and meaning. They are inextricably linked to a clear vision, credible formulated corporate values ​​and embodied leadership principles.

Challenging decision-makers and accelerate decisions

The development of any strategy has to be challenging and even conflictual, because it has to question existing paradigms and mainstream thinking patterns in repeating processes. We believe that this needs an attitude, characterized by openness, trust and mutual respect, especially for those who accompany and supervise the process externally.

You are the expert in your market. We will keep you on the right track, while consolidating, measurable and actionable results with the aim to lay the foundation for your strategic requirements and your corporate management.

Keeping a grip - this is the target

We create the necessary space for fundamental discussions and decisions. We commonly validate and assess your corporate strategy, considering the feasibility and the interaction of other individual strategies. We push and challenge decisions based on their resilience and impact. In other words, we do everything possible to transfer your decisions into areas of action and measures. We accompany your organization and prepare it in terms of content for the transition and with a view on the organizational need for change.

Your contact persons for corporate strategy


Hans-Martin Schneider
Master of Business Administration
Senior Partner

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Dr. Manuel Iserloh
Doctor of Medical Sciences
Master of Engineering and Business Administration
Senior Partner

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