Controlling and reporting

Desire for simplicity and transparency remain high

Where the desire is high, simple and manageable panaceas as well as ready-made solutions usually gain much attention. Quite often the instruments force necessary concepts into the background. The so desired focus of the organization and the improvement of control often fall short due to high expectations. This is mainly caused by the lack of a controlling concept and the dogmatic implementation of stereotyped approaches with a claim to universality. But what makes the core disciplines controlling and reporting so difficult? In a nutshell: the systematic examination of the individual controlling requirements of your company and the resulting requirements for a clear and unambiguous formulated corporate strategy.

Per aspera ad astra - Joint development ensures acceptance and effectiveness

Every decision-maker would like the clarity and effectiveness of a conventional car cockpit: the crucial information always in view, more details can be switched upon request. Innovations are limited alternative ways of visualization. But behind thisresides the knowledge of which performance indicators a driver must concentrate on to achieve the goal.

Within a corporate environment it implies a common understanding of the success drivers and their relationship or action on different corporate levels and areas. We believe that the ability to lead these discussions with our customers purposeful and to reflect our broad experience creates value twice: it ensures the acceptance and effectiveness of controlling and it reduces the risk and duration of the implementation. In our experience there has not been a single controlling concept successfully introduced merely by the selection of a reporting instrument regardless of a potential high market image because it has been marketed as glamorous.

We have much to offer - but not a pre-designed result

We inspire your employees not for tools but rather for the process of development. Often in the spotlight is not only a more efficient controlling and reporting but a deep understanding of the real drivers of success and previously unknown cause-and-effect relationships within the company - in fact across all divisions.

You can assume that we guide you safely through the shoals of worn controlling concepts and the alleged quantum leaps of reporting. We quickly and successfully implement validated controlling and KPI concepts in your company.


Contact persons for controlling and reporting


Stephan Grunwald
Master of Economics and Business Administration
Senior Partner

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Markus Noçon
Master of Engineering and Business Administration
Senior Partner

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Top-Management Reporting
Fokussierung der Unternehmenssteuerung auf wirkliche Key-Performance-Indikatoren

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Periodenabschluss – der unscheinbare Prozess an dem viel hängt

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Wettbewerbsvorteile und Transparenz durch effektives IT-Controlling

Eine Neupositionierung des IT-Controllings jenseits der Budgetkontrolle ist überfällig

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Minimalismus im Reporting - Die 4C Notation ©

Wie Sie mit einer unternehmensindividuellen Darstellungsweise Ihr Reporting ansprechend gestalten und so die Akzeptanz und Effektivität für Ihr Top-Management steigern

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Performance Management

Der Weg vom Controlling zur Unternehmenssteuerung - Grundlagen schaffen für ein effektives Performance Management

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