Control processes

The transmission of a company

The organizational structure is the foundation - the chassis of a company. The right organization determines the "road holding", it must fit both to the environment and to the company's business model. It is important that it is suits today's situations as well as the goals that drive a business. Often organizational structures and organizations are neglected and not adapted to the strategy and the direction to be controlled.

Organization and processes must be matched and coordinated

The processes are the transmission of a company and decide significantly how efficient companies are, how it can accelerate and how smoothly a flexible upshifting and down shifting works. Processes are crucial, not only the organizational structure. We ensure with our approach, that processes and organizations suit the company in the best way possible. They must be coordinated and ultimately meet the expected goals in practice. Here, the mechanisms are included, that promote the continuous improvement of processes and organizations.

Continuous care often spares the more expensive all-round renovation

Processes need care, as well as the organizational structure. But care does not mean to conduct a retreading every two years; it rather means to maintain it continuously and regularly. This saves money and time. Companies need simple and clear controlling instruments providing the crucial control information. We support our customers also in this case, commonly finding the right tools and ensuring that they work well.

Contact persons for control processes


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IT Steuerung
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