Business process improvement

Radical focus on customer benefits and value proposition

In many industries requirements for business-critical processes have increased drastically, driven by intense competition, high market transparency and shorter product cycles. But above all, the increasing customer expectations, especially of those accustomed to the online business models, have extremely shortened response and transaction times. Even "off-line" companies must compete with these circumstances and have to develop strategies how to cope with these requirements.

The art lies not in standardization, but in the intelligent channeling

Existing processes must be aligned in the future consequently according to value added, real customer value and customer satisfaction. Many processes still have enormous standardization and automation potential. However, not all customers can or are willing to be treated equally and not every process is crucial for competitiveness. The channeling of customer needs and expectations, even in critical situations, requires a deep understanding of the design and management especially of business-critical and high-volume service processes.

Methodologically strong partner with experience and intuition

We have a keen understanding of service processes and extraordinary experience of substantive and organizational process redesign. Our customers appreciate the interplay of our methodological know-how in the process improvement and our expertise in business management. This is a 4C core competence ensuring for our customers a consistent focus on the strategic objectives to organizational implementation.

Contact persons for business process improvement


Dr. Heiko Mauterer
Master of Engineering and Business Administration
Senior Partner

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Uwe Dorst
Master of Engineering and Business Administration

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